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What defines one culture or another?

Culture refers to the collective historical patterns, values, societal arrangements, manners, ideas, and ways of living that people have used to order their society. It is composed of all those things we learn as part of growing up including language,religion, … Continue reading

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The environment: vocabulary and debates

Are you aware of the problems our planet needs to face? Check this list of environmental problems on Wikipedia and try to complete this webquest on Earth problems too. While this guide to important environmental issues is not comprehensive, if you’re … Continue reading

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Hot Issues – part 2: vocabulary and debates

Second and final part of our hot issues presentations. Remember to click on the blue interactive media links below (they include video, audio and provide a link to any website with the click of a button) and scroll over the … Continue reading

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Funny Complaints

The origins of complaint letters can be traced back to the very earliest cave paintings, which clearly show the disillusionment of early man with the range of food available in his local grocery store. But the internet provides a far … Continue reading

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Old ads you couldn´t show today

As we are looking into the world of publicity we have discussed the fact there have to abide by not only the law but also by the ASA Advertising Standards Authority.  They aim is “to ensure ads are legal, decent, … Continue reading

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New Readers!!

Now we have a read our first book together, perhaps it is time to read solo. Here are some suggestions. Choose from this list or pick any other book you are keen on reading for this second term. THE UNLIKELY … Continue reading

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The British press

Although times are changing and many say they bring along the demise of the printed press there are still many printed newspapers in The UK. Looking at the British press today, we can still see the traditional division between the broadsheets … Continue reading

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