Funny Complaints

The origins of complaint letters can be traced back to the very earliest cave paintings, which clearly show the disillusionment of early man with the range of food available in his local grocery store. But the internet provides a far easier method of transmission for our grumbles. Holidaymakers tend to make most complaints as you can check this  list of ridiculous complaints or here, although some might sound a bit weird. Below are some other entertaining examples on the web:

The one we listened to in class…

… and some others…

complaint letter - Virgin Atlantic In-Flight FoodVirgin Atlantic: Mumbai to Heathrow In-Flight Food

This first letter is probably the most widely read complaint letter of all time.  Addressed to Sir Richard Branson, it tells the sorry tale of the culinary disasters on a flight from Mumbai to Heathrow.  Hysterically funny.

Brittania Hotels LogoBrittania Hotels: Probably the Worst Hotel in the World

A letter to one of the UK’s very worst hotel operators, complimenting them on the tasteless decor, non-existent maintenance, mould and bodily fluid stains, oh, and frilly smoke detectors.

complaint letter - AlwaysAlways: Have a Happy Period

A letter that all PMT sufferers (and husbands of PMT sufferers) will relate to, this is a rant about the message on the self-adhesive strip on a panty pad.  Brilliant!

complaint letter - Vodaphone

Vodaphone: A Communicational Conundrum

A lengthy rant to Nick Read, the CEO of Vodaphone about being passed from pillar to post by the customer relations department.  Long, but worth reading right to its very funny ending.

What about you? Have you ever received such ridiculous complaints at work?

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