The British press

Although times are changing and many say they bring along the demise of the printed press there are still many printed newspapers in The UK. Looking at the British press today, we can still see the traditional division between the broadsheets also called quality papers: The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Financial Times .

Then come the so called middle brow papers that fall in the category between the tabloids and the broadsheets with a mixture of news and  sensasionalist front pages  : The Express and The Daily Mail both with a right wing biass and some really loud front pages but very popular indeed, so a step up from the red tops but not quite part of the heavies.

Finally we have the red tops or tabloids:The Sun with the highest circulation of all daily UK newspapers and  The Mirror
The Sun had an average daily circulation of 2,656,271 copies in September 2012. However many people are reading the news on line and there  the Mail comes out as the favorite: The Mail Online reached 45.3m people last December
The contents are different from the ones in the printed version and its editor claims that they give the reader what they want.

Check this great song about some of the amazing headlines of The Daily Mail. It is very poignant to the topic of how tabloids portray the news. Enjoy!

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