Health issues

The topic of health is probably one of the most relevant to society and it covers many fronts. Although it would be impossible for you to learn all the vocabulary of health issues and survive in the attempt ,  we would like to leave you some interesting current health issues you may need to think about :

patients’ responsibilities, private health care versus public health care, government interventions in public health,  cost of medicines, copayment, prevention, criterion for operation waiting lists in hospitals, new illnesses, etc

In the USA Obama’s administration is trying hard to reform the health care system, whereas in the UK the NHS is surviving the cuts and reforms. Meanwhile in Spain, copayment, pharmacies and privatisation of hospital and medical satff strikes make the national and international headlines

These are topics that concern us all and you can read how they spark debates in the following debate links Debatepedia , debatesjuggle and prosandcons

You can practise your listening on health issues by clicking in the following links: 1,2,3,4,5,6

If you want to start on your way to a healthier life, take this test devised by a British university to check which sport you are better suited to.

Finally, three humourous videos with serious underlying points

On how to look like a supermodel without dieting

On anti smoking

On how to deal with people who have suffered from mental illness

Click here to see how to have fun while exercising

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