Traditional children’s games

It seems that children games transcend national borders and all over the world children play very similar games with almost identical toys.


Hide and seek Escondite
Jump rope or skipping Saltar a la comba, la cuerda
Catch Pilla pilla
Marbles Canicas
Hopscotch Rayuela,teyo
Cops and robbers Polis y cacos
Scissors, paper, stone Papel, piedra, tijera
Stickers Cromos
Dolls Muñecas
Spinning tops Peonzas
Cat´s cradle La goma elástica

When I was a little girl, I had the most beautiful plastic dolls house so I would set up a whole parallel universe with pretend food and shops. My dolls and I used to have a fabulous time. Then I discovered comics and I would spend my pocket money on them.

Every summer we would go to my mother’s country house and there we had never ending days playing hide and seek and fooling around with our bikes and picking up fruit from the neighbours trees. Oh, happy days, no worries and all play!

What did you use to play when you were little?

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