Listen to these commentators broadcasting different sports, can you guess which 6 sports they are?

sport 1, sport 2, sport 3, sport 4, sport 5, sport 6

Here goes the transcript for you to check.

You were able to guess the sport because there were key words which helped you so, such as laps for Formula 1, set for tennis and so on. Each sport has a very wide range of vocabulary specifying place, equipment, people and verbs.Try first these exercises to expand your vocabulary. Check the key if in doubt.

Find below some useful links to find specific vocabulary on a particular sport. Why don’t we play a game? Leave a comment giving details on a sport (history, equipment, sportspeople, venue, etc) in just 8 lines max, so choose relevant information. Don’t tell us the name of the sport when explaining it, we’ll have to make a guess! it’ll be more exciting.

Official Olympic Games site

Official London 2012 website

Sports Vocabulary

These were the venues for the past London 2012 Olympic Games; some of them were really interesting because, where do you think they played beach volleyball? at the Horse Guards Parade!!! and triathlon?…in Hyde Park!!

So, that’s the deal, I don’t know the first thing about most sports and I’m sure I’m not the only one, aren’t I? so let’s all get a bit wiser as far as sports is concerned… I am looking forward to trying to guess which sport you are talking about!

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