Oral exam feedback

Here is some advice on how to improve your performance during role plays

1.-Read the rubric well and get into the character you are playing. Take a pen and make a note of keywords.If it says you and your partner this is a euphemism for a couple. So act as a member of a couple even if it is the first time in your life you see the person in front of you. Get into your role.

2.-Start the conversation by stating what the situation is, so that is clear you both understand what you are doing eg. As you know we have just had a medical check up and my results were terrible, so my doctor has recommended a change in lifestyle so I was thinking….

3.-Make sure you interact and ask questions eg What is your opinion on this point? or How do you feel about living in the outskirsts? etc, make comments Hummm quite an interesting idea! or Hum I hadn´t looked at it that way etc and of course take turns don´t take over the whole conversation and react to what the other person is saying: Do you really believe that? or Great I never thought about that! etc

4. Don´t talk about all your points at once, but state one and explain or justify your opinion. Illustrate with an example: I have been considering taking up dancing , I did salsa lessons once  and found it really therapeutic, exercising to music. You should try it.

5.-The points in the card are only a guidance you can think outside the box and add other arguments and suggestions.

6.- Don´t make the most terrible mistakes:

I am agree or the people is
or else…

Here you can see the criteria we followed last year when we marked your exam.

Take a look so you can see what examiners are looking for.

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