Hot Issues: vocabulary + debates

After having spoken about several hot issues so far, here you have a summary of them all. Click on the interactive media links below (they include video, audio and provide a link to any website with the click of a button) and scroll over the icons to watch or read about it. Interesting vocabulary has been highlighted for you:

> NEW POPE. USEFUL VOCABULARY: to step down, to relinquish, to advocate, poll, secret conclave, voting system, successor, historic appointment, upbringing, conservative wing, …

> EVICTIONS. USEFUL VOCABULARY:to face an enormous debt, to move in with relatives, to fall behind on your mortgage, squatters, vacant properties, to negotiate a postponement, court officials, locksmiths, housing advocates, emergency measures, shelter system for evicted families, to commit suicide, protests and demonstrations, property boom, to halt to foreclosure, fall of prices,…

> HORSEMEAT SCANDAL. USEFUL VOCABULARY: taboo food, wrong labelling, slaughterhouse = abattoir, traceability of supply chain, fraudulent substitution of horse for beef, Europewide problem, meat laundering, globalization of food and retail industry, to spot the problem, to withdraw meat adulterated products, surveillance, tip-off, side effects….

> INDEPENDENCE OF CATALONIA. USEFUL VOCABULARY: sovereign entity, to pave the way, referendum, to set a showdown, to be barred from the public office, financial settlement, to back, to be vetoed, to secede, to face trial, economic output…

> CORRUPTION. USEFUL VOCABULARY: property deals, money-laundering, recession, justice system, embezzlement, scandals, allegation, absolution by confession, to cheat, corruption claims,
to refute charges, public outcry…

> OUR ROYAL FAMILY. USEFUL VOCABULARY: military coup d’état, influence peddling and graft, disillusionment, Urdangarin’s indictment, polls show Royal’s rating plummeting, a second crisis in Spanish democracy, elephant hunting trip, Juan Carlos’s anni horribili, operations, King’s plea, Juan Carlos’s abdication, public outcry, Froilan shot himself,…

> SPAIN WITHIN EUROPE. USEFUL VOCABULARY: crack, poll,surplus,to save the euro at people’s expenses,to bail out,to comply with austerity measures, general discontent and annoyance,VAT, turnaround, staggering situation, bailout package, critical economic situation,…

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