The Joy of Whining


We’ve just seen how to complain to make yourself heard in a formal situation but there are times you can’t be bothered to make the effort and you prefer whining to your friends. Everyone needs a good complaining session every now and then.

So, are you a whiner? A moaner? Of course you are, we have all done it from time to time. I’m sure I whined or complained about something today. Things don’t go our way and we moan about this and whine about that.

Take this chance, relieve your stress and let off steam, whine about it all! Here you are some common expressions you can use when complaining to your friends:

I hate spiders. I hate writing essays. I hate it when people snore.

I can’t stand automated phone systems. I can’t stand people being late. I can’t stand it when your washing machine breaks down .

I can’t bear lazy people. I can’t bear eating onions. I can’t bear it when someone reads over my shoulder.

I can’t put up with politicians. I can’t put up with lying.

I’m fed up with so much rubbish on telly. I’m fed up with ironing.

I’m sick of salary cuts. I’m sick of going to the supermarket.

I’m tired of speed bumps . I’m tired of computer crashing and losing work you’ve spent three hours doing.

People who throw garbage out of car windows really bug me.

Cars blocking pedestrian crossings make me mad / angry .

People who eat with their mouth open drive me crazy.

Cars blocking pedestrian crossings  annoy me.

Stepping in dog poo really pisses me off (slang).

That was soooooo relaxing! Why don’t you try?

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