The world of work

Even though we are not writing a CV in class, we understand this is a difficult time in which many of you will try to apply for a job abroad.

Many have problems with CV writing. Find some advice here.

Not sure what your skills are? Check them here. Why don’t you include the top ten skills that employers want? Will you be the best candidate for the job? Check it out

What about your strengths? Will you be able to describe them? Find your positive attributes and remember your strengths are a mixture of your talents, knowledge and skills. You can identify your strengths by asking yourself the following:

  • What are you good at?
  • What comes easily to you?
  • What do you learn quickly?
  • What did you find easiest to learn at school or university>
  • What subjects do you most enjoy studying?
  • What things give you energy?
  • Describe a successful day you have had.
  • When did you achieve something you were really proud of?
  • What things are always left on your to-do list and not finished (these are probably weaknesses: things you dislike doing!)

Whether you are Creative, Caring, Outgoing, Cooperative, Cautious, Goal-Orientated, Conscientious, Adaptable or Determined, make sure you don’t forget to mention it.

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