Work: vocabulary and debates

Work is very important to all of us.  People put in more than 40 hours a week doing their work. Work is important because it is what a man needs to do to make a living. But always remember ‘Work to live and don’t live to work’. Most of the time, we include our job occupation when introducing ourselves to others so it’s a controversial topic you can really sink your teeth into.

Here are some topics to discuss with a friend or group. Practise agreeing and disagreeing even if you have to argue against something you actually believe in. Here’s an idea: prepare a bunch of cards that say agree or disagree. Pick up a card each and get started! It is more fun to have a debate this way because you don’t have to play your true self. Try to continue each discussion for at least five minutes. Use the expressions that you learned on p. 57 of your books together with the ones you were given at the beginning of the year.

Take a look at these work words and phrases and then try using as many of these phrases as you can in your conversation!

Possible debates:

The pros and cons of being part-time

Performance pay: should professionals be paid according to their performance?

Salary caps: Should a mandatory maximum salary be imposed by governments?

Mandatory retirement age: Should the government enforce a mandatory retirement age?

Paid maternity leave

Minimum wage

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