Connectors or linking words join phrases while adding a shade of meaning. In out textbook you will find exercises on connectors in the accurate writing section. It important to use a variety of connectors.

You need linking words/phrases:

* To introduce points: one major advantage (or disadvantage) of, a further advantage, one point of view in favour of/against.

* To list points: in the first place, first of all, to start with, secondly, thirdly, finally, last but not least.

* To add more points to the same topic: what is more, furthermore, also, in addition to this/that, besides, apart from this/that, not to mention the fact that.

* To make contrasting points: on the other hand, however, in spite of, while, nevertheless, despite, even though, although, it can be argued that.

* To introduce examples: for example, for instance, like, especially, such as, in particular.

* To conclude: to sum up, all in all, all things considered, in conclusion, on the whole, taking everything into account, as was previously stated.

I have found this brilliant website where you can revise and practice most of them. If you would like some further revision check this page from the University of Flanders

Happy connecting!

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