Thanksgiving is a festivity celebrated in the USA on the last Thursday of November which this year is Thursday 22nd. In Canada where they also mark this day , the dates don’t necessarily coincide. Its origins lay on the Pilgrims thanking God for their first harvest ever on American soil and according to legend, the native Americans seemed to have join in the celebrations and brought a turkey along, animal indigenous to the American continent.

Would you like to recreate a typical Thanksgiving dinner? Check this video out

In the busy lives of American citizens it is one of the few national holidays and they celebrate by having a meal traditionally made up of roast turkey with trimmings, cranberry sauce and for dessert pumpkin pie. However, there are multiple variations and adaptations to the globalised palate of the USA. Americans will travel wherever it takes to reunite with their loved ones to mark this date.

There are parades in all the big and small towns, in New York they hold the most famous of all , Macy’s parade .  American football will be played all over the country from the big games to the local teams, click here to find out how this tradition started.

The following day “Black Friday” marks the beginning of the Christmas season and many shops offer a day sale mostly on electronic goods. Check out the offers here.

One more funny tradition is the pardon of the turkeys lives that the American President undertakes every Thanksgiving. Watch the video of last year`s pardon.

After all this information you are now ready to take the Thanksgiving quiz

Ah!Thanks to you all for reading our blog. Enjoy!

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