Sometimes we can go places and not see their real essence because we are not looking in the right direction or we just miss a turn. Beyond the postcard is a BBC Learning English site that aims at showing the hidden treasures you can find around the Uk. It is well worth checking and it comes with useful video and audio exercises.

If you are planning a trip, it is advisable to check on the basics  before setting off.

Remember you´ve got the whole world in your hands

Thanks to The Lonely Planet we can find out a lot about a place before getting there, the world is but a click away. And if you want to a peek Geovideos bring us clips from all over the world as filmed by locals. Click here to see them

flag Afghanistan flag Albania flag Argentina
flag Australia flag Austria flag Bangladesh
flag Belize flag Bermuda flag Bolivia
flag Bosnia Hercegovina flag Brazil flag Bulgaria
flag Cambodia flag Canada flag Chile
flag China flag Croatia flag Czech Republic
flag Colombia flag Cuba flag Costa Rica
flag Cayman Islands flag Denmark flag Ecuador
flag Egypt flag El Salvador flag Estonia
flag Fiji flag Finland flag France
flag Georgia flag Germany flag Greece
flag Greenland flag Guatemala flag Holy See
flag Iceland flag Indonesia flag Hungary
flag India flag Iran flag Iraq
flag Israel flag Italy flag Japan
flag Jordan flag Kenya flag Kuwait
flag Laos flag Lebanon flag Malaysia
flag Maldives flag Mexico flag Morocco
flag Myanmar (Burma) flag Nepal flag Netherlands
flag New Zealand flag Nicaragua flag Norway
flag Pakistan flag Panama flag Papua New Guinea
flag Paraguay flag Peru flag Philippines
flag Poland flag Portugal flag Russia
flag Saudi Arabia flag Scotland flag Singapore
flag Sri Lanka flag Spain flag Sweden
flag Switzerland flag Syria flag Tanzania
flag Thailand flag Tibet flag Turkey
flag United Arab Emirates flag United Kingdom flag United States
flag Uruguay flag Venezuela flag Vietnam
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