Felix Baumgartner breaks sound barrier

Felix Baumgartner has broken three world records during his sky dive from 24 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Standing at the edge of space above the deserts of New Mexico, Felix Baumgartner paused slightly. It was a small step away from the capsule, but a 24-mile drop back down to earth.

Felix jumped and ten heart-stopping minutes later, the Austrian landed back on Earth, after reaching speeds of up to 725mph, and breaking three world records, including becoming the world’s first supersonic skydiver by breaking the sound barrier at Mach 1.24.

Baumgartner was wearing a specially designed survival suit that kept his body intact against the hugely varying pressures that marked his drop back to earth. Without it, his blood would have boiled and his lungs might have exploded.

Did you watch it? Give it a go if you didn’t http://gu.com/p/3b5c6

Were you astonished by Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking jump, or unimpressed?

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