The world of work: the Successful Application Letter

Your CV should be accompanied by a letter of application (also called cover letter), and these two items form a package. Your prospective employer needs to know whether reading you detailed Cv is worth the time. So, your letter of application offers you the chance to sell yourself by pointing out key features of your CV and shows your prospective employer that you know how to write a letter.

Remember, your CV and letter of application are essential to your getting shortlisted for a job interview, find here a guideline on how to write an effective application/covering letter and a successful CV , if you’re not the reading type, watch this video instead:

As you already have the letter outline clear, try now to incorporate meaningful phrases and power words that can stand out your skills, check them here.

You can try to see if there are any opportunities for you in the school site job vacancies list or, if you feel braver, why don’t you try in the British job market by uploading your CV, in English of course, on the Guardian page? it will tell you whether there are any positions available for you.

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