Stereotyping different nationalities

How to describe other nationalities, other cultures?  It is very difficult, at best, and most often it ends up as stereotypes. Stereotypes only serve as entertainment, and can be quite funny. Are you curious about how the British see other Europeans? Watch these videos and check stereotypes, they’ll help you boost your vocabulary on personality traits. See the whole list here.

What are the Americans like? images

What are the Germans like?

What are the French like?

What are the Italians like?

And, finally, what do foreigners think of the English? and what do the Scottish think of the English? what a sensitive question!

Do they match your own ideas?

I’d  like to add a funny resource I found online: a series of maps of Europe  labelled according to national stereotypes which has    become an  internet sensation with half a billion hits.

Yanko  Tsvetkov, a Bulgarian designer and illustrator living in London, is now worldwide known and offers a calendar with all his maps. As well as maps of Europe according to the US and Britain, the continent is shown as seen by France, the Vatican, Germany, Italy or Bulgaria. Click on the sample map below if you want to see all his illustrations:



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