Advanced language

I want YOU to speak proper, elegant, articulate, crystal clear advanced level English.

How?  You should try to integrate more and more advanced vocabulary in your English. Obviously there are words more likely to be used in a written context, that is, when you would use your more sophisticated grammatical structures such as inversion, third conditionals, or modal and specific vocabulary or idioms. However, some of the above mentioned structures may sound too artificial when used in spoken English.

Keep our English up to date

While speaking you can show your command of the language in many ways: pronunciation, intonation as well as the right vocabulary or expression.

Pronouncing words carefully will make a big difference. Check these radio programmes where you can hear a lot of interesting issues about the English language being discussed.

Here are some good websites where you will learn and practise advanced English vocabulary

This site has collocations as well as vocabulary

Are you prepared to be tested on your English vocabulary? Click here

If you are becoming obsessed with your vocabulary learning then this site is the one for you

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