On your marks, eyes wide open, let´s read

Reading is surely the best way to acquire vocabulary and structures. You are reading away enjoying the story while your brain is acquiring spellings, reinforcing structures and learning new words.

You can also use the reading version of Spotify called 24Symbols, which I believe has been designed by some clever Spanish engineers. Here you can read hundreds of books free of charge.

.In this website you can read texts and just by clicking in the word you will get access to the Spanish dictionary! You need to register and choose the dictionary you would like to have available to help with your reading to get access to a series of texts with exercises http://www.readingenglish.net/

A free online library in English  http://www.readprint.com/

Here is a link to a page with loads of UK magazines, to read them click on the web address

A website with a miscellanea of texts and quotes you can listen to as well


Loads of classics downloadable free of charge http://www.bartleby.com/149/index.html


Book clubs where a group of people read a book to then discuss it have become a world phenomenon. There have even been books  written about them:

The Jane Austen book club by Karen Joy Fowler turned into a popular film .

Watch this clip and see what you think

However you can now belong to a reading group from the comfort of your own home courtesy of The British Council all you need to do is sign up, read the book and join in the discussion. Click here for more info

And don’t forget the newspapers to keep you up to date with the news, access all the British press by clicking here

Happy reading!

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